Beer Crawford Propagand'IPA  8%

Beer Crawford Propagand'IPA 8%

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Crawford Propagand is an 8% ABV blonde IPA beer, offering a strong bitterness and a slightly amber hue. A blend of European and American hops imparts citrus aromas and a sustained bitterness. Crafted for the Rock group "Crawford," it's an intense and sharp beer reflecting their music.


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Taste: Citrus flavors with a pronounced bitterness.

The Brewery

Nestled by a stream, amidst fields that house an old mill, the Champdoré brewery has taken root. This small brewery was born out of a passion, after years of tastings, experiments, and explorations in the world of malt and hops.

Champdoré's beers invite you on a journey through a vast and colorful universe, offering moments of tasting, conviviality, and pleasure. Whether you thirst for discoveries, knowledge, novelties, or simply thirst itself, Champdoré brewery is here to delight the taste buds and stimulate curiosity.

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