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Bordeaux -AOC - Little Dada - Maison Cisneros - Rosé 2020

Bordeaux -AOC - Little Dada - Maison Cisneros - Rosé 2020

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Little Dada rosé is a delicious, very refreshing and expressive wine that comes from a high environmental value farm.

This 2020 vintage has a beautiful purple pink color. Its nose with rose petals gives it a very seductive side. It will delight your taste buds during your moments of pleasure.

The mouth is supple, full and very fresh. 


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Food and wine pairing: Aperitif, grilled meats, barbecue, fish.

Year: 2020

Taste: Fruity, gourmet and expressive wine.

Tasting: 12°C

Volume of alcohol: 12.5%

The Estate and the Vineyard

Historic estate, bequeathed by a King of France in the 17th century and shaped by Baron Haussmann. In 2009, Laurent CISNEROS fell in love with this property and the family became the owner. They then combine their passion for the field and for jumping horses.

Located in the south of the Bordeaux conurbation, the 36-hectare estate has the advantage of being in one piece. It is implanted on a ground of tertiary gravels and its temperate climate, with smooth and regular hygrometry, is particularly favorable to the vines.


Data sheet

Château de Rouillac
Volume d'alcool
75 cl
Conseils de service
Entre 8° et 10°C
Merlot et Cabernet Franc
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