Rosé Bio - Bordeaux AOP - Les classiques - Les 2 frérots - 2020

Rosé Bio - Bordeaux AOP - Les classiques - Les 2 frérots - 2020

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"Les classiques" is an organic rosé bordeaux PDO, fruity, from Merlot, Cabernet-sauvignon and Cabernet franc grape varieties. Pale pink and sparkling, with balanced floral aromas, crisp and charming on the palate, this Bordeaux PDO offers a seductive and long finish on the palate.

"Les 2 Frérots" which is a brand new atypical company of the Bordeaux region, producing very original wines like this fabulous organic rosé, very representative of its terroir, offer you this cuvée of quality, very affordable, with impeccable quality.

Let yourself be tempted by this fabulous Bordeaux Rosé, which will perfectly accompany you during your aperitifs, barbecues and summer kitchens.


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Food and wine pairing: Appetizers, barbecues and summer cuisine.

Year: 2020

Taste: Pale pink and sparkling, the nose delivers floral aromas and sweet strawberries. The mouth is charming, balanced and crunchy. Its long and seductive finish predicts festive and sharing moments

Tasting: Serve at a temperature between 8 and 10°C and enjoy its delicacy.

The Estate and the Vineyard

Lionel and Laurent two very good friends met in the wine industry on specialized salons. Lionel grew up in a vineyard that his family has held for several generations.  But he is the first to direct family production on the organic side. Laurent, for his part, follows a commercial path in wines and spirits where he will develop wines for a cooperative. In a second phase, he acquired a winery where he shared his time in his cellar and vineyard.

This beautiful meeting created a very strong friendship. Their company is called "Les 2 frérots", is active only since September 2020. They both follow the same philosophy, originality and creation by creating atypical wines and as he calls it «modern».

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Conseils de service
Entre 8° et 10°C
Conseils de conservation
3 à 5 ans
Merlot, Cabernet Franc et Cabernet Sauvignon
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