Prosecco Gold - Bottega - 11%

Prosecco Gold - Bottega - 11%

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Prosecco DOC Bottega Gold, known as "the poets' wine," is a sparkling brut wine produced in the beautiful region of Treviso in northeastern Italy, made from Glera grapes.

Bottega Gold is the premium Prosecco cuvée of reference! It is distinguished and refined, with fruity notes (especially green apple, pear, citrus), floral notes (white flowers, acacia, wisteria, and lily), as well as hints of sage and a touch of spice. In the mouth, the bubbles of this Prosecco express a beautiful sweetness, all in harmony and elegance. A Prosecco gem!


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The most famous of Italian wines!

A wine made exclusively from the Glera grape variety.

It has a lovely straw-yellow color with golden reflections and fine, persistent bubbles.

On the nose, it reveals subtle aromas of fruits (apple, white peach, and citrus) along with floral notes.

In the mouth, this wine offers a very nice balance and harmony between acidity and sweetness.

Pairing: Ideal as an aperitif, in cocktails, or as an accompaniment to pasta, risotto, or pizza dishes.

Taste: Fresh and delicate wine.

Serving temperature: 4-5°C

Alcohol content: 11%

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DOC Prosecco
Volume d'alcool
75 cl
Conseils de service
Entre 3° et 5°C
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