Provence Coast - PDO - Secret of the Angels - Rosé - 2022

Provence Coast - PDO - Secret of the Angels - Rosé - 2022

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This pale pink rosé embodies elegance, freshness, renewal, and modernity through its finesse.

Secret des Anges will effortlessly accompany fresh, spicy cuisine, perfectly enhancing a lobster or grilled lobster. The palate, generous and silky with notes of yellow peach, extends lengthily and expresses itself with finesse and elegance.

This magnificent bottle will enchant your Mediterranean, Asian, Thai, or Japanese cuisine, pairing wonderfully with grilled meats, sea bream on the plancha, and fish soups.

A fresh and delicate Rosé!

Bronze Medal at the Paris General Agricultural Competition 2023.



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Food and wine pairing: Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Fresh, spicy, full of character, like lobster, crayfish, or coconut milk curry.

Year: 2022

Taste: Fruity and lively wine, elegant and refined, ample and silky.

Tasting: 8/10°

Volume of alcohol: 12.5%

The Estate and the Vineyard

In 2021, the cellar of the Vignerons du Luc celebrates its 110th anniversary, placing it among the oldest cellars in the region. With its 380 hectares of vineyards, including approximately 40 hectares classified as Côtes de Provence Notre-Dame des Anges, its terroir extends over a vast expanse.

President Lionel Asin and the 50 member cooperators are proud of this recognition, highlighting the quality, craftsmanship, and uniqueness of their products, as well as the diversity of soils that accentuate their complexity. According to him, obtaining this designation is important for sharing and better promoting these aspects.

Lionel Asin also emphasizes the collective work of the winemakers, who, with a strong team spirit, have successfully carried out this long-term project. All are deeply attached to the identity of the Côtes de Provence and aspire to further expand the market with high-quality criteria.

The 40 hectares of vineyards classified as Notre-Dame des Anges are located in the Plaine des Maures, mainly composed of sandstone and sandy soils. They produce the "Secret des Anges" cuvée, a delicate and elegant rosé, dominated by Grenache (about 60%) and Cinsault (about 40%), offering aromas of white-fleshed fruits on the nose, a generous palate combining richness, fruits, and citrus, and a beautiful aromatic power. This description may of course vary depending on climatic conditions and years, which gives the wines an element of uncertainty and discovery, requiring great skill. It is truly a wine that testifies to the expertise of the winemakers.

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Data sheet

AOP Côtes de Provence
Les Vignerons du Luc
Volume d'alcool
Conseils de service
Entre 8° et 10°C
Conseils de conservation
3 à 5 ans
Cinsault, Grenache

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